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The Argentine Evangelical Congregational Church celebrates 100 years

Dear Sir or Madam,


We are delighted to announce that this year 2022 the Argentine Evangelical Congregational Church is celebrating 100 years of fruitful and prolific activity in Argentina. And due to this, our 100th Anniversary, we have adopted the following motto: “One hundred years announcing the Good News”. Last September a special celebration took place in the province of Entre Rios, more precisely, in the congregation of the Village of San Antonio. The whole event was in remembrance of the first, and therefore, the beginning of the Evangelical Congregational Church in South America. In addition to this, a number of activities have been carried out in many Congregational Churches too, among different provinces of the country. A historical overview reference is attached to this note, to inform you about the past, present and future course of our Institution.


Yours faithfully,

Pr. Gabriel Oscar Fischer


Iglesia Evangelica Congregacional


Pr. Damián Weigandt Apaza


General Iglesia Evangelica Congregacional

Argentine Evangelical Congregational Church is celebrating 100 years!
Please read this informational letter on the Argentine Evangelical
Congregational Church. It contains a note from the President and Secretary as well as a historical overview of the church. Please enjoy!
To International Congregational Fellowsh[...]
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50th Anniversary of the Congregational Federation

Next year, 2022, the Congregational Federation will celebrate its 50th Anniversary as part of this they are hosting a Spring School with the title “Is Christian non-conformity a thing of the past?


Learn more about this opportunity here: https://www.congregational.org.uk/spring-school/spring-school

News of the First Congregational Federat[...]
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Mayflower Fest

Mayflower Fest is a collection of short films in which the Congregational Federation have chosen to mark the 400th Anniversary that the Mayflower sailed from Plymouth in Devon across the Atlantic to the New world in America. 

  • Worship tent

This is a collection of clips from Congregational Churches all over GB with a reflection from Mike Fales Moderator Elect of International Congregational Fellowship

  • A Children’s tent

This tent tells the story of the Pilgrims reflecting on what it might have been like for the children on board and has lots in interactive activities for children to take part in.

  • Pilgrims and Promised Lands tent

Including interviews with Rev Dr Peggy Bendroth, former director of the Congregational Library in Boston and Rev Dr Lottie Jones Hudd about her church in Detroit on the underground railroad escape.

  • Mayflower Art and Artifacts Tent

'We have a filmed conversation with the artist Rachel Carter who has created two life-size bronzes of a unnamed 'Pilgrim Woman' which will be sited in Doncaster, before moving to Austerfield and Gainsborough.

  • Missing Voices Tent

Telling the story of the Wampanoag Nation

  • Songs That Sustain Us Tent

Including the Mayflower hymn “The Lord has yet more light and truth

  • Historical Voices Tent

Giving insights to William Bradford, John Robinson and Sara Willett Minter the Midwife to the Pilgrims



Please use these links to enjoy the Mayflower Fest


Congregational Federation Website:  www.congregational.org.uk/Mayflowerfest


Mayflower Fest Video: https://youtu.be/Rhksab2jqoY

The Passing of Pastor Mohnschmidt

Regretfully we share the news that:
This autumn morning, March 21, 2016, the Lord God promoted to eternal rest, our dear brother, a professor at FACTECON, Pr. Roberto Teodoro Jung. At the age of 75 years. Held in Santa Cruz do Sul, around 04: 00h today. Burial will take place today evening in the not yet confirmed schedule. The ICCEC will be represented in the funeral acts, extending an invitation to anyone who can do this, do to comfort the bereaved and recognition of the denomination more this brave front Squad fighter of our army.
With the certainty that the Lord has left us through the words of the Apostle John in Revelation 14:13 "Blessed are the dead who from now on die in the Lord. Yes, says the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors, for their works accompany them. "
Our Congregational embrace the bereaved family and the whole ICCEC who feels this farewell.



In portugués:


Com pesar compartilhamos a noticia que:
Nesta manhã de outono, 21 de março de 2016, o Senhor Deus promoveu para o descanso eterno, nosso estimado irmão, professor da FACTECON, Pr. Roberto Teodoro Jung. Na idade de 75 anos. Ocorrido em Santa Cruz do Sul, por volta das 04:00h de hoje. Sepultamento se dará ao entardecer de hoje em horário ainda não confirmado. A IECB estará representada nos atos fúnebres, estendendo o convite para quem puder se fazer presente, que o faça, para consolo dos enlutados e reconhecimento da denominação a mais este valoroso combatente do pelotão de frente do nosso exército.
Com a certeza que deixou-nos o Senhor através das palavras do apóstolo João em Ap 14.13 “Bem-aventurados os mortos que, desde agora, morrem no Senhor. Sim, diz o Espírito, para que descansem das suas fadigas, pois as suas obras os acompanham.”
Nosso abraço Congregacional a família enlutada e a toda IECB que sente esta despedida.
Pr. Mauro

The Current Situation in Syria

Some time ago we received the following letter addressed to the ICF Community:


Dear Friends, Colleagues, Brothers and Sisters,


I thank you much for your continuous concern and prayers as we are undergoing a real war in Syria. Please find attached my latest report and hope that you take a moment to read it and together we lift our hearts to the almighty for peace, justice and love for all the inhabitants of Syria.


Yours Truly,


Rev. Haroutune Selimian


Armenian Protestant Community in Syria 



Editor - We thank Haroutune for his timely update and continue to keep him and our brothers and sisters in Syria in our prayers.

The Crisis in Syria
Read the full report here.
Syria Crisis.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.6 MB]

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