ICF International Congregational Fellowship
ICF International Congregational Fellowship

Our Regions

The work of the International Congregational Fellowship spreads across the world and is divided into seven geographical regions with a Regional Secretary looking after the affairs for each Region.



In addition to many individuals and a growing number of local Congregational churches across the world, the International Congregational Fellowship links together various national and regional associational bodies including:


Congregational Churches in Argentina

Congregational Churches in Brazil

Congregational Churches in Greece

Congregational Churches in Armenia

Congregational Federation in the UK

Congregational Federation of Australia and New Zealand

Congregational Church of India

Korean Puritan Movement

Congregational Church of Myanmar

Guyana Congregational Union

United Congregational Church of Southern Africa

Congregational Christian Church in Samoa

National Association of Congregational Christian Churches (USA)

Union of Congregational Churches in South Africa

Union of Welsh Independents


In addition to these there are several Institutional Members.

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