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Blessings to all of our fellowships! We have many folks who are looking forward to 2013 in the UK.  The youth response almost surpasses the non-youths.  As our world changes, the youth are already global through technology.  Wendy Van Tassell is our youth director and travelled to the UK last January to plan the youth conference.


As you know, the US economy is at a critical stage.  It is much harder to find funding.  I would ask that all regions look for ways to raise funds for our 2013 meeting so we can include all that want to come.  Small donations add up.  Maybe people can throw their "end of day coins" into a jar. Other ideas?


In the U.S. we are praying and blogging for peace.  We look forward to joining in person with our brothers and sisters in love.


Sharon Binger

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The magazine of the NACCC has an excellent website at www.congregationalist.org

Regional Secretary

I am writing to you as the North American Regional Secretary for the International Congregational Fellowship (ICF).  For those who are not as familiar with this organization, it  "...is a vibrant global expression of a multiplicity of local Congregational churches and associated bodies across the world.  For Congregationalists, how our churches are organized and run have to reflect the principles and values that Jesus taught and the pattern we find for church life and the Christian leadership in the Bible."[1]  For more information on the ICF, go to their website at http://www.congregational.org.uk/who-we-work-with/international-congregational-fellowship-1
Formed in the 1970's, the International Congregational Fellowship (ICF) was created to provide a world-wide exchange of fellowship and education about each other's cultures and worship practices.  Throughout the years, the ICF has grown and expanded to all continents and many different countries.
The ICF has elected representatives from around the world who communicate regularly to find ways to enhance our fellowships and discover new ways to share our faith. 
Every four years the entire body of Congregationalists meets in conference.  Our next meeting will be in Cape Town, South Africa, July 6-11 2017.  For many of us, this will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Please see the attached invitation, check the links to learn more, and most importantly consider joining us.  The links will show the affordability and general itinerary for the trip.
The National Association of Congregational Churches (NACCC) joined the ICF at the quadrennial meeting in Milwaukee in 2008.  Our quadrennial meetings are held throughout the world (Greece, UK, USA, were the most recent). 
I am attaching a brochure and a link to an informational video that I hope you will share with your church.  
Peace and Blessings,
Sharon Binger
North American Regional Secretary
International Congregational Fellowship
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