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ICF International Congregational Fellowship

      Theological Commission

Congregationalists have always emphasised the importance of good theological reflection on how they operate as a church, in mission, and in many other aspects of faith.  To help facilitate that dialog the ICF has a Theological Commission.  

The purpose and mission of the Theological Commission of the International Congregational Fellowship is to promote and provide the means for the development of theological reflection and expression in the context of the living Congregational Way.

The ICFTC seeks to create links with Congregational bodies in different parts of the world. At present we are establishing links between Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. We hope to share training material and expertise. We are also trying to build up partnerships with training colleges in Myanmar.

The Commission also publishes a journal and holds periodic seminars and symposia.  

For more information about the Theological Commission contact the Rev. Dr. Janet Wootton


The International Congregational Journal


The journal is the offical publication of the International Congregational Fellowship. It is published twice a year and features the history and theology of The Congregational Way as presented through scholarly papers presented by educators and clergy from around the world. The Journal can be ordered and paid for either through the UK or the USA - see below for details.


                               For UK:                                         For USA:

                               The Congregational Centre,    The International Congregational Journal

                               8 Castle Gate                             Deborah Fillebrown

                               Nottingham, NG1 7 AS,             P.O. Box 4965

                               UK                                                 Louisville, KY, 40204




                               Individuals and local churches: £20 or $30

                               Institutions:                                    £55 or $90


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        Commission Members

Rev Dr Charles Packer (USA)

Rev Dr Manfred Kohl (Canada)

Dr "Sue" Lee Sung-Ock (Korea)

Rev Dr H. Harding Stricker (Argentina)

Rev Dr Bruce Theron (South Africa)

Rev Dr Geraint Tudur (Wales)

Rev Dr Janet Wootton (England)

Deborah Fillebrown, Administrator (USA)

Rev Dr Patrick Shelley (USA) (Inactive)

Rev Dr Issa Diab  (Lebanon) (Inactive)

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