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Please enjoy these recordings from our three day virtual conference, The Voyage Continues. Listed below is Day One of the conference which contains our three keynote speakers: Joe Nockles, Charles Hambrick Stowe, and Francis Bremer. To learn more about the speakers at this conference, please click here!


Day One's theme was on the history of the Pilgrims in celebration of the 400th year anniversary of the Mayflower landing in what is today the United States of America. This video contains all three speakers, however we have also seperated three presentations into three videos below the Day One video for your convience. 


Day Two's theme was "Pilgrim" stories from around the globe. We gathered together to find out how Congregational spread around the world.


Day Three's theme was Covid stories from our international churches. We learned of the challenges churches are facing globally and finished with an encouraging Worship service including a sermon by ICF Moderator Mike Fales.


Please enjoy the following videos.

Day One - 400th Anniversary of the Mayflower

The Lieden Experience - Joe Nockles

The Model of Christian Piety - Charles Hambrick Stowe

The Pilgrims and the Puritan Social Gospel - Francis Bremer

Day Two - "Pilgrim" Stories from Around the World

Day Three - Covid Stories from Around the World and International Worship

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