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ICF 2021 Conference Videos

Each of these videos covers different information on historic events of the Congregational Church. At the beginning of each video is the recorded invitation from Moderator Rev. Mike Fales, folllowing that invitation will be a unique video. Please enjoy these videos from Congregationalist all over the globe!


Each video presented expresses the views of the presenter, not necessarily the views of our fellowship. 

Greetings from Syria

Greetings from Myanmar

Miltiades and Veta Pantelios

Issa Diab - Lebanon

Bruce Theron - South Africa

Victoria Turner - United Kingdom

Euodia Volanie - South Africa

The Greek Evangelical Church

A Message from Gwilym and Alex Tudur - Wales

A Message from Harding Stricker - Argentina

The Pilgrims and The Puritans

The Model of Pilgrim Piety

The Leiden Experience

Underground Railroad

A Historian's View

A Promised Land

More Light and Truth

An Artist's View of the Mayflower

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