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ICF 2020 Conference

The United States has agreed to host the conference in 2020. This is a year early due to the importance of the year. 2020 is the 400 year annivarsary of the Pligrams who founded the Congregational faith. For this special event, ICF has agreed to hold the conference a year early. The executive board is discussing a location currently. Once a location is decided, it will be updated here! 

Join Us at Stellenbosch University in South Africa for our 2017 Conference

ICF has been running family conferences for many years in varous parts of the world. These events bring together individual Congregationalists, National Associations, and churches from everyt continent.  They provide opportunity for Bible study, exciting and inspiring speakers on relevant topics, and above all great fellowship.  As Congregationalism as a biblical pattern of church order has spread throughout the world its expression in each culture is inevitably nuanced.  The Conference gives an opportunity to enjoy exposure to the worship and life of churches in different cultural contexts. It is also a great time of friendship and fellowship with like-minded Christians from around the world. 

Revd. Dr. Geraint Tudur, ICF Moderator, Welcomes You to Our 2017 Meeting!

Dates: 6-11 July 2017

This year's theme is: Called to Freedom!

This year an exciting opportunty has arrived! The youth will be joining the adult confrence for the 2017 July Conference! All participants will have access to the full program this year. 

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